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RyeSales.com supplies only

high quality northern grown

cereal rye for your cover crop needs


CoverCrop In Corn

Specs & Details

  • Bagged and palletized in 36 bushel double gusset mini bulks
  • Delivered to your warehouse dock in 53’ dry van trailers
  • Triple cleaned, free of ergot & noxious weed seeds
  • 56 lbs / bushel test weight
  • 85% germination or better
  • 98% purity


Our Guarantee

  • Prices and loads are guaranteed at the time of booking
  • We supply only high quality VNS (Variety Non-Specified) northern grown cereal rye selected for longer growing seasons during the winter months
  • Customer loyalty is highly valued to us. Your decision to book large volumes and prepay early will put you at the front of the line in the following years
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